"Cliff village" attracheap bracelets onlinects tourists with its rattan ladders

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A hotel accommodates tourists in Atule"er village in Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture, Sichuan province, in July. [Photo by AHKE JIUSHE/FOR CHINA DAILY]

A series of rattan ladders that used to be the only way up and down for 500 villagers living atop a cliff have become a tourist attraction in Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture in Sichuan province.

Life in what has been characterized as a "cliff village" first garnered nationwide attention in May 2016, when a Chinese newspaper published a collection of photos featuring students scaling the 1,400-meter cliff on rattan ladders.

When residents refused to leave the site despite the difficulties of living there, the local government spent 1 million yuan ($147,000) to add a steel ladder with a handrail that has cut travel time to the nearest town from three hours to one.

China Telecom followed with an investment of 1.5 million yuan to bring cellphone service and the internet to the village.

The changes are in line with the discussion President Xi Jinping had on March 8, 2017, with delegates from Sichuan during the annual National People"s Congress session.

Having learned about the difficult lives of residents, Xi told the delegates that the process of poverty reduction requires tailored policies and precise measures, and sometimes patience and meticulous accuracy - like "doing embroidery".

All the changes have meant not only greater convenience in life, but also more possibilities to increase incomes.

During the Chinese New Year celebration this year, hundreds of tourists visited the village, which now boasts a hotel with hot water for showers and Wi-Fi connections, according to Ahke Jiushe, an officer with the Zhaojue county government, which administrates the village.

Interest from tourists has also encouraged a company in Chengdu to invest to further tap resources in the broader region, such as canyons, karst caves, hot springs and primitive forests.

Mou"se Subure, a young Yi villager, spends between three and four hours doing livestreaming related to hometown specialties such as peppers, walnuts and honey. His do-it-yourself marketing campaign has proved to be an effective way to boost sales.

Mo"se Labo, another Yi villager, uses the internet to sell his special talent - jumping from one boulder to another on the mountain and crossing a suspension bridge high over a river. The former farmer gets 100 yuan for a 30-minute live broadcast.

The students who were once photographed on the cliff face have been enjoying their new world with the completion of a five-story school early last year.

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